I can’t help but send this Krosneresque lengthy email because I am so proud of the boys right now. I will also cover some season updates so please bear with me and please share the kudos part with your son.

Games this Week.  Varsity versus Raleigh Rattlesnakes on Wednesday evening at the Poole Road fields. Game time to follow. (Raleigh only has about 15 kids so this will be varsity only and we will announce the 23 man roster tomorrow or Wednesday. That said—we are a team and you never know what happens so we want all HS players to be in attendance).  Saturday—game time and location to follow--is our last league game—varsity and JV—in Charlotte versus Charlotte Tigers.  (If we win both varsity games, that may well put the varsity team in the final four and competing for the state title. If we finish outside the final four, we will play on an upcoming weekend against the bottom 4 teams to see who finishes in 5-8th position).  The other main event we are now targeting is the Mother’s Day JV Tournament to declare the state JV champion. That event will be on Mother’s day Sunday in Charlotte and there will be some special items for the moms.  We want to win that tournament to leave no doubt who the best JV team is in the state so please keep that on the calendar.

Gonzaga Tournament.  JV Champions! Freshman Champions! A 6-0 record.  A total of 5 tries scored against our two teams over 6 games compared to more than 50 tries scored by the Redhawks. Great parent support. Professional attitude and behavior by the players all weekend (with one silly hotel transgression that needs to be forever eliminated). Kids playing out of position. 8th graders contributing to our 9th grade team’s success.  Overcoming injuries, weather, delays, uncertainty and a split coaching staff for the championship games. Great teamwork, camaraderie and sportsmanship and on and on and on.  I could not be happier or more proud of the Redhawks!!  Great job to everyone!

I want to point out a couple of themes I have been emphasizing all season because I think this weekend helps demonstrate the accuracy of those themes. I have said that for the Redhawks to be a great club and to be able to win big events, we need 50-60 players capable of playing on any given day without our team’s chances of success changing at all.  And I have said that it is critical for our players, where possible, to be able to play more than one position. At first, I think the kids thought I was crazy. If they were not starting varsity, some kids were upset. If we asked a player to play a different position than his usual, sometimes the player got upset. But can anyone disagree that this weekend, it took all 45 players in attendance for us to be successful.  Without every single one of them, our chances of winning would have dropped significantly.  Then came Sunday—we had to play both championship games simultaneously so we could not use our 9th graders as subs in the JV game and we had to split our coaching staff.  We also had players injured so we had to move two forwards from our JV pack into the backline. If those two players did not have experience playing in the backline, our hands would have been tied and the injuries would have likely killed our chances of winning. Instead, we were able to move them into different positions that they still understood and our other players were able to step into the game and we were still able to win the JV game 37-5!   Can anyone argue that having kids capable of playing in different spots can make the difference between success and failure?

 I think we learned valuable lessons this weekend. I saw the best teamwork and sportsmanship I have seen yet. I think we handled all the adversity like champions. We warmed up well even though we had little space to do so and we supported each other in all the games. That is what I want to see from now on. Every single JV player watching the varsity game and cheering the varsity on and every single varsity player watching the JV team and cheering the JV team on. That is a team and a team will be unstoppable.

 I had many proud moments this weekend. The first was seeing our injured Redhawk Caleb Faneuf in attendance and cheering his teammates on. Fantastic!  But perhaps my proudest moment was when the 9th grade championship game was winding down and the JV squad (sorry—the JV Redhawks Champions!!) arrived to cheer our 9th graders on. The looks on their faces were to die for and the way they cheered for our 9th grade boys to finish our second goal of the weekend was fantastic. But maybe even more fantastic than that—when the 9th graders won and everyone erupted with excitement—as is appropriate and understandable—immediately Jaden Roundtree from our JV side told the boys (in an extremely nice and respectful way) to hold the cheering and to first finish up with our end of game ritual—cheering for the ref, Gonzaga and the Redhawks and then shaking the hands of their competitors.  That is leadership and sportsmanship at its best—and guess what, when he said that—our boys reacted to their teammate’s leadership and quieted down and completed their tasks. I could not have been more proud.

 Two years ago, Andy reached out to Gonzaga to see if they would play us in a single match at their DC fields. Andy knew their proud rugby history and wanted our club to see how a quality rugby organization operates. We got that game and by playing them well, we garnered an invitation to their upcoming tournament. Andy and I then sat down and planned for the future.  We evaluated our club and our ages and we decided we would enter only a 9th grade team in the tournament our first year and our goal would then be to enter 9th and JV the following year (and to win) and then Varsity, JV and 9th the year thereafter. Here we are in year two and we did exactly what we planned to do. We entered and won both 9th and JV!  Next year, all three is the plan and the challenges will be even greater for us. Based on what I saw this weekend and how we are becoming a TEAM, I look forward to watching us meet those challenges!

 We set some goals at the start of the season—and winning the Gonzaga Tournament was at the top of the list. Mission Accomplished!! Well Done Boys!!

 Finally—I would be remiss if I did not do two more thank yous--

First, thanks again to our parents for all their work—especially the Forbis’ and Kurke’s who kept us dry and fed and hydrated all weekend. Thank you!!

Second—thanks to my fellow coaches. I feel truly blessed that, in my humble opinion, we have the best coaching staff in youth rugby! Thank you gentlemen. Well done!

See everyone Tuesday.

Best, Coach Dave 

(Feb 26,2017) 

     North Raleigh sweeps Gonzaga in friendly exhibition 

     First game: Redhawks (freshman) 39-5 

RedHawks freshman team captain: Aadil Mehasanewala. 

     The Redhawks came out swinging in the first half, not letting up any ground and plowing forward to get those crucial yards. Raleigh pounded Gonzaga with their forwards stepping up in the trenches. The back line was solid for Raleigh as the backs sprinted out scoring 3 tries in the first half. Among the try scorers were George O'brien, Aj Kurke, Nathaniel Roeback. The Redhawks sprinted away, scoring multiple tries in the second half to give Raleigh a nice cushion. Gonzaga scores a try with 3 minutes remaining but fails to convert the extra, too little too late as the Redhawks pick up a solid victory.

       The RedHawks freshman return in April to compete in the annual Jesuit invitational tournament in Leesburg, VA.

        Second game: Redhawks (JV) 50-0. RedHawks captain: Kris Thomas

         North Raleigh continued their dominance into the second friendly, pounding Gonzaga with Redhawks forwards. Ball movement was key in this game. The Redhawks had tremendous ball movement out to the back line for the backs to do their job. The Redhawks scored 30 points in the first half, adding 20 in the second half to shutout Gonzaga. The ball was distributed all throughout the team as a spread of 10 players scored a try or multiple each. A true team effort.

RedHawks compete in ruggerfest this weekend in Charlotte.

By Aadil Mehasanewala

February 17th 2017

Final Score Raleigh Redhawks 21 – Clayton Copperheads 19

Friday the 17th served as a landmark day for the Raleigh Redhawks Varisty Team.  The Redhawks started out their Varsity inaugural season with an away game at the Highlanders. The young squad took some lumps early in the first half, after starting the season with a very difficult game against experienced State champions. As a brand new Varsity high school team, it would have been easy to fold under the pressure exerted in the first half, but the team came together and fought hard in the second half.

The score will illustrate a lopsided loss, and will serve as a starting block for our marathon. To the credit of the Redhawks players, they went out and played hard against the odds and they slowly began to show improvement with each passing minute. With almost half of the lineup consisting of players in their first season of High School rugby, it was a slow learning process, but progress was made!

On Sunday February 5th the Redhawks faced Union County and after a sloppy first half and some disciplinary issues the Redhawks came back in the second half and showed their pace and opened up the scoring quickly against the experienced Union County side.  They rallied in the second half and there were periods of play in which they showed potential of what can be accomplished this season with experience.

Riding a little bit of momentum, the team faced their cross-town brothers the Clayton Copperheads.  Under the lights on a brisk Friday evening, the Redhawks went up in the first half from two tries from wing Scotty Lindsey.

The second half started with the Redhawks down to 13 men.  Clayton took advantage, came back strong, and tied the game with 15 minutes to go.  At full strength, the Redhawks 9th grade scum half George Obrien finished with a 30 yard solo try to bring the score to 21- 14.  Another yellow gave the Copperheads and opportunity to score in the corner with Preston Slater for his second of the night.  The difficult missed conversion made the difference, with the Redhawks holding out for a 21-19 win over the Copperheads.

The Redhawks rucking and set pieces were vastly improved and the Redhawks showed growth throughout the game and will take great optimism into the next game.  A few notable player mentions:  Caleb Faneuf at number 8 find his natural home, Kris Thomas at fly made all three crucial kicks and controlled the tempo of the game.  Both played complete games, with a few strong runs and were solid in defense.

All Stars 7s tournament Atlanta 

Winners Middle School U14 division

32-0 win over CJRA U14
27-7 win over Atlanta Phoenix 
24-0 win over Mustang's
Final 24-7 win over Shockers

Total points for the day:107 points to 14

I want to personally thank each of you for having your son or daughter play rugby for the Redhawks and for all you do for our organization.  Let me take a moment to wriet a few words about the season and remind everyone of our upcoming events.

The Season.  By almost any standard, our season was a tremendous success.  We had over 75 kids play rugby for the Redhawks, many brand new to us and rugby and many returning veterans.  Our High School and Middle School teams each started the season as Ruggerfest tournament champions, our High School and middle school teams lost only a few games all season and our 5/6 team finished the season with a second place showing in the State Championship!  Unfortunately, our MS team fell short of its quest to win the State but I could not be more proud of how they played all season and how they handled the "agony of defeat."  We had a touch group run by Chris Travis that by all accounts did terrific and everyone, including the parents, seemed to have a great time.  We had 18 players on our 5/6 grade tackle team, we had 27 players on our middle school team and we had 25 players on our high school team.  The quality of the new players added this season was incredible and each and every kid I watched ended the season a much better player then when s/he started the season.  In many ways, that is how we judge our success--whether the kids have fun and whether they improve.  It seems a thunderous success based on those standards. We also had tremendous parent involvement at all levels this year--from organizing car pools, to arranging game day snacks and drinks to organizing our post-game restaurant visits and parties.  Thank you so much for that help and all the support each of you gives the Redhawks!

End of Season Party.  We will have an end of season party for our entire organization on Saturday June 4 at Beaver Dam Park, shelter 28, starting at 3 p.m.  More details to follow.

Practices.  Practices at the JCC are now over for the season. (If the kids seem to suffer withdrawals, I can record my voice yelling "Go" repeatedly for them to run their sprints in the off season!)

Saturday Touch Games.  We will recommence our Saturday morning touch rugby pick-up games at Baileywick Road park after our end of season party.  So no touch games this Saturday or next.  We will let you know when they will recommence in the next week or so.

Our Summer Camp--Please Register.  If your son or daughter is able to, please sign up for our summer camp June 13-17th.  See our website for full details.  There are full and half day options or for that matter, partial week options.  We have changed the camp location to the JCC since it is less costly and more conveniently located for most of our families and since they will also allow us to use the pool a couple of times during the week. The camp is a great way for your child to have a ton of fun and greatly advance his/her rugby skills.  Attending the full week provides 30 plus hours of rugby--the equivalent of almost half a season of practices, all lead by a current Welsh professional player.  The camp is also an important fundraiser for us that helps us keep our season fees as low as possible, allows us to give families that need it cost breaks and helps us to purchase the equipment we need to best teach your children.  If you can, please support us by enrolling your child.

7s Tournaments. We plan to enter U10, U12, U14 and if available HS teams in the following 7s tournaments (and we are looking for others)--

                       Powerade State Games in Clayton on June 11.

                       Queen City 7s in Charlotte on June 25.

Once we finalize the details on these tournaments, we will let everyone know and set the teams with those interested.

College 7s Championship. The college 7s championship of the Nation is being held this year at Wakemed soccer park in Cary over Memorial day weekend.  Andy has circulated emails looking for ball boys/girls to help at the event so contact Andy if you'd like to do that. If you are in town, please go to the event to watch the best college rugby teams in the nation compete for the 7s National championship.  This will also give you a little taste of 7s to get you ready to cheer on the USA at this summer's Olympic games where the US men and women will each compete for a medal in the inaugural rugby 7s event in the Olympics.

Recruitment!!  If your child enjoyed playing rugby with the Redhawks--please spread the word and try to recruit additional players for next season. We do a lot of different recruiting events but nothing is more important than word of mouth.  Please tell everyone how much fun rugby is for the kids, how much it helps their general athleticism and helps make them better in their other sports and please do what you can to help parents understand rugby is not as dangerous as they may think.  Let's see if we can double our player numbers next season! If you need my or any other coaches help with any recruitment efforts--just yell.  Once we start our Saturday touch games--that is a great opportunity to bring out friends that may have an interest.

Get Involved. We always need help to make the Redhawks better for everyone.  We have two standing committees--a recruitment committee and a fund-raising committee.  If you and your child had fun this year, please get involved and help make us better! Join one of those committees or tell us how else you can help.  We need funds to purchase additional rucking and tackle bags, balls and other equipment--so if you can, support us by making a charitable contribution.  We are a 501(c)(3) so your gift is tax deductible!

That's all for now. (Though our middle school team should expect another lengthy Krosner email re the season in the near future!)

I look forward to seeing everyone on June 4th and, again, thanks for being a Redhawk!

Best, Dave Krosner

Hope everyone enjoyed the day on Saturday. I am immensely proud of how the kids played and conducted themselves throughout the season. I am grateful to have got to know a great group of kids and parents.
Saturday was, as usual a mix of exhilaration and disappointment. We had a strong squad of 19 players. We welcomed Will Cooper, Jacob Wideski and Gus Meymandi to the team.Our first game was against an inexperienced Dragons side. Regardless, we played really well and won handily.  
The second match was against a Cobras team who were ranked higher than us. This was an exciting back and forth match but we pulled it out in the end with great tries from Jalen and Will.
The final was against our familiar opposition - Clayton who were top ranked going into the tournament. We played them close but did not have enough gas in the tank to close it out. Clayton played well and got the ball in the hands of their best players at the right times.
All in all, finishing #2 in the State is not bad considering where we started. Virtually all our players are new to rugby this year.
I want to apologize to the younger players who did not get much playing time. I promised them a match at the end of the day and I did not make that happen - lesson learned. I am so proud of the younger kids. It is not easy to tackle and ruck against much bigger kids and takes a lot of courage. Joshua, Dylan Koons, Genie, Hanna, Rudy, Colby, and Rufus - your time will come.
For the leaving sixth graders - Dave, Murray and Toby are getting a talented group. Dylan,James, Cole, Trey and David tackled and ran hard all season. Henry and Grady had a solid midfield partnership. Gus will probably move up with his buddies if he can stay on his mountain bike.
Thanks to everyone for renewing my enthusiasm for rugby - 'the game they play in heaven"  Thanks also for the generous gift. It is perfect - my wife loves Target and I love the Hibernian. Thanks also to Heather for stepping up and handling administration - much appreciated.
I will see everyone at the barbeque and Saturday touch.
The Redhawks’ JV High School Team finished its successful 15s season with a big win over North Meck 55-22.  The Redhawks started strong in the first half and established a commanding lead.  In the second half, North Meck inserted their varsity backs but, nevertheless, the Redhawks continued to dominate play and win comfortably.   

With the High School 15s season now complete, we will now transition to 7s.  We plan to take a couple of weeks off (ith practice optional during the next two weeks for the High School kids) and then we will practice 7s on Saturday mornings from 9-11 a.m. at Baileywick Road Park.  Stay tuned for the start date for those practices—we likely will start those in June.  For the next two weeks, we will support the middle school and U12 teams in their pursuit of the State Championships at the Carolina Cup in Charlotte on Saturday May 14th.  Any help will be much appreciated before our 7s season commences.

As you know, the Redhawks were founded 6 years ago and, as such, we are now starting to see our players off to college!  That is both very exciting for us as an organization but also quite bittersweet as we have had the pleasure of coaching and watching these kids mature for years and we now will watch them embark on their quest towards adulthood. So with great pride and well wishes, we congratulate our Graduating Seniors:

Jack Sanner, our High School JV number 8 and Captain is off to UNC Chapel Hill.

Jack has had a phenomenal year at number 8.  He has demonstrated impeccable leadership skills as the Redhawks’ captain and he has led by example in every game this year.

Jack’s performance was also exceptional off the field. His SAT scores of 2140 and his resume is very impressive - GPA 3.8 un-weighted (4.5 weighted).  Jack had several excellent college options available to him due to his strong academic record and, after much thought, he ultimately decided to stay close by at UNC Chapel Hill.  Jack plans to continue his rugby development, joining the Tar Heels rugby team. We wish Jack the greatest of success on and off the field and we look forward to watching Jack represent the Redhawks well while wearing Tar Hill Blue next season.

Seth McGann, our High School JV scrumhalf is off to Duke University.

Seth has also been a leader on and off the field.  Though Seth has only recently started playing rugby, he was an incredibly quick study.  His performances this year earned him an invitation to the High School All-Stars.  Unfortunately, Seth was unable to accept that All-Star invitation since he recently accepted a full scholarship from the Military and the scholarship does not allow his participation in sports.  Seth, like Jack, is a performer on and off the field–being active both with his church and with his studies.  Hopefully, his military commanders will realize his great rugby potential and will allow him to continue his play at Duke.  If not, we are ceratin that Seth will be successful in all of his pursuits.

John Paul (JP) Baric, our High School JV fullback and wing, is off to NC State.

JP has slotted in comfortably at fullback and wing this season.  He also had the opportunity to play alongside his brother Michael during several games this season.  JP had major contributions on defense in try saving tackles and his strong running with ball in hand helped the Redhawks to big wins this season.  JP will pursue his education at NC State.  A budding entrepreneur, don’t be surprised if we don’t see JP listed in Forbes 100 in the future!

Eshan Patel (Flanker), is off to UNC Charlotte.

Esham came to us via Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy.  Esham was persuaded to participate via his Friends Patrick, JP, Seth and AJ.  Esham is very athletic and would have had a successful season with our program but he unfortunately tore his ACL early in the season so missed most of the season due to that injury.  Esham will be attending UNC Charlotte.

Please join the Redhawks coaches in wishing our graduating seniors the greatest of success and in thanking them for all they have done for the Redhawks!  Each of them will remain a Redhawk for life and they are always welcome to stop by our practices to say hello and help out whenever they are in town.   


1.  Redhawks Games this Weekend

Please note I have just been informed that there has been a change to our game time Kick off! Now: 1:15 pm

1:15 pm Kick OFF

Chestnut Square Park, 320 Chestnut Pkwy, Indian Trail NC  28079

2. All-Star Update.  Good luck to the Middle school players trying out for All Stars this weekend.

 Congratulations to the following 5 High School players invited to the All-Stars selection process

 Seth McGann, Jackson Cranor, Deshawn Harris, Kris Thomas and Evan Thomas

3.  Remaining Season.  The 15s season is winding down.  After this weekend in Charlotte, all we have left is a game next Saturday in Southern Pines against North Meck from the Charlotte area.  15s will only remain for players that were selected for All-Stars.

Don’t forget to register for the camp

Registration link is as follows:  http://northraleighyouthrugby.siplay.com/site/

4.Summer 7s.   After the North Meck game, we plan to take a couple or so weeks off.  We will then re-start our program on Saturday morning at Baileywick Road Park for those interested in participating in the sevens season(which will be in the Olympics this summer).  We will have a preliminarily 7s game against Fayetteville either May 14 or 21st.

We will enter a 7s team in the State Games in Raleigh on June 11 and the Queen City 7s tournament in Charlotte on June 25.  Also looking at one other tournament in June/July.  The college 7s national championship is also being held this year at WakeMed soccer complex on May 27 and 28—so anyone interested can go watch the top college teams compete for a national championship.  We will also have volunteer opportunities for ball boys and girls for the event.  Details will be coming on Sunday.

Thanks for your and your son’s support of the Redhawks!

Best, Andy
Review of 3/12/16 game

After a slow start for the Redhawks (we were intimidated by the size of their Varsity seniors) it ended in a rough day for Grimsley yesterday against Redhawks. After starting strong, the Tornados lost two players due to injury. With Grimsley giving up too much space out wide to the RedHawks backs the Redhawks run up the score to a 67-32.

The team played very well against a physical and fast team. We were excellent in the rucks and finished off some great tries during the course of the game. It’s important to remember to go “forward” with the ball since you are at risk standing still when taking possession. We also gave a few tries with simple mistakes. To the positive, the coaches could not be more proud of the way the HS players performed this weekend. We have been emphasizing improvement from each game to the next and I believe the boys continue to achieve this in spades.

I am still waiting on a copy and link the game 2 of “ruggerfest”. I will be using this video to help with players that are on the bubble with All-Star selection. Also I am hoping to secure footage of the Grimsley game. As soon as the videos are available I will share.

Next 3 weeks schedule:
We have no games scheduled for the next 3 consecutive weekends.

March 19/20th This coming weekend was scheduled for a bye for the Redhawks . I did reach out to a few teams but there was no availability for a friendly.

The lower ages (Middle school) will be traveling to Richmond on Saturday if you wish to support (expected noon-kick off):

Pouncey Tract Park – 4747 Pouncey Tract Rd. Glen Allen, VA 23059

March 26th/27th Bye all teams-Holidays

April 2/3 Bye all teams- Easter Holidays


Week March 20th- We will have practice Tuesday (March 15th) and Thursday March 17th)

Week March 27th –We will have practice Tuesday (March 22nd and Thursday March 24th)

Week April 3rd – Optional for high school (March 29th or March 31st)

Gonzaga Jesuit Tournament (April 16th/17th)
We will be fielding a Freshman-9th Grade team in the Gonzaga tournament. The following players have committed to the tournament and will be contacted by David Krosner on tournament details etc.

Matthew Airey, Ty Gray, Zyon Johnson, Koby Baker, Kris Thomas, Michael Fisher and Caleb Faneuf.

We believe if all our experienced players go, we will have a great chance to win this tournament and this is a tournament that will have lots of private school, college and USA rugby selectors watching.

Middle school games were cancelled due to pending lightning today. Of course the weather forecast never matches the predictions
Gonzaga JV 22 Raleigh JV 12  (3rd 1/2 Gonzaga JV 29 Raleigh JV 34)