(Feb 26,2017) 

     North Raleigh sweeps Gonzaga in friendly exhibition 

     First game: Redhawks (freshman) 39-5 

RedHawks freshman team captain: Aadil Mehasanewala. 

     The Redhawks came out swinging in the first half, not letting up any ground and plowing forward to get those crucial yards. Raleigh pounded Gonzaga with their forwards stepping up in the trenches. The back line was solid for Raleigh as the backs sprinted out scoring 3 tries in the first half. Among the try scorers were George O'brien, Aj Kurke, Nathaniel Roeback. The Redhawks sprinted away, scoring multiple tries in the second half to give Raleigh a nice cushion. Gonzaga scores a try with 3 minutes remaining but fails to convert the extra, too little too late as the Redhawks pick up a solid victory.

       The RedHawks freshman return in April to compete in the annual Jesuit invitational tournament in Leesburg, VA.

        Second game: Redhawks (JV) 50-0. RedHawks captain: Kris Thomas

         North Raleigh continued their dominance into the second friendly, pounding Gonzaga with Redhawks forwards. Ball movement was key in this game. The Redhawks had tremendous ball movement out to the back line for the backs to do their job. The Redhawks scored 30 points in the first half, adding 20 in the second half to shutout Gonzaga. The ball was distributed all throughout the team as a spread of 10 players scored a try or multiple each. A true team effort.

RedHawks compete in ruggerfest this weekend in Charlotte.

By Aadil Mehasanewala



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