1.  Redhawks Games this Weekend

Please note I have just been informed that there has been a change to our game time Kick off! Now: 1:15 pm

1:15 pm Kick OFF

Chestnut Square Park, 320 Chestnut Pkwy, Indian Trail NC  28079

2. All-Star Update.  Good luck to the Middle school players trying out for All Stars this weekend.

 Congratulations to the following 5 High School players invited to the All-Stars selection process

 Seth McGann, Jackson Cranor, Deshawn Harris, Kris Thomas and Evan Thomas

3.  Remaining Season.  The 15s season is winding down.  After this weekend in Charlotte, all we have left is a game next Saturday in Southern Pines against North Meck from the Charlotte area.  15s will only remain for players that were selected for All-Stars.

Don’t forget to register for the camp

Registration link is as follows:

4.Summer 7s.   After the North Meck game, we plan to take a couple or so weeks off.  We will then re-start our program on Saturday morning at Baileywick Road Park for those interested in participating in the sevens season(which will be in the Olympics this summer).  We will have a preliminarily 7s game against Fayetteville either May 14 or 21st.

We will enter a 7s team in the State Games in Raleigh on June 11 and the Queen City 7s tournament in Charlotte on June 25.  Also looking at one other tournament in June/July.  The college 7s national championship is also being held this year at WakeMed soccer complex on May 27 and 28—so anyone interested can go watch the top college teams compete for a national championship.  We will also have volunteer opportunities for ball boys and girls for the event.  Details will be coming on Sunday.

Thanks for your and your son’s support of the Redhawks!

Best, Andy


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