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Firstly, let us thank you for the opportunity to  coach your children.  This past  Friday we had a tough match against Chapel Hill U19 and despite the score we  again went out and played hard.  It  was a great opportunity to view players and we had a total of 7 players play  their first game of rugby.  We will  adjust our game plan going forward and continue to implement this strategy going  forward.  Additionally we will  assign new positions to players based on Chapel Hill game. 
Please remind your players that  a vast majority of our side are freshman or new players playing against teams
that have an older contingency or several years of playing experience.  The coaches would also like to thank the new players that slotted into  positions that they were not accustomed too and really stepped up.  
The coaches will spend time in the coming week working on the players' handling, tackling, ABC rucking strategy and positioning  skills and are certain with this group of athletes, we will see significant  progress in the games ahead if we can develop this areas of play.

Also I would like all players to review the  following videos.  PLEASE ENSURE  that your player review before practice on Tuesday.

 1.     Post tackle contest Gold and Wayne smith tackle  (also  found under players tab at website http://www.redhawksrugby.com/players-page.html

2.      Defense at ruck.  Pay close attention to both sides defense at Ruck!


Pictures from game
Pay attention to your body positions at ruck and tackle



Tuesday and Thursday at JCC 7:00pm

Game against Clayton on February 20th  (Clayton to host)Time and venue TBD



02/27/2016 10:44pm

Wow what a nice post and the prefect coach is the full guidance to the player. Every player of rugby is improving day by day and one day he becomes a prefect player. Never lose your hopes and effort is continue.

03/12/2017 12:33am

My prayers are surely always with you. I pray that in each of your game, you will learn a lesson that will be taught to you. I pray for strength and wisdom in order for your team to fully play well during the game. I pray that you will achieve whatever goal you want to achieve. I have seen some of your games and I must say that I am really impressed with all of you.

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