Raleigh, N.C. February 1st 2015 – On behalf of North Raleigh Youth Rugby Association organization, I am pleased to announce the Raleigh Red Hawks has secured sponsorship from Vincent’s for the upcoming 2015 season.  Vincent’s is a returning sponsor has donated $2000 to the Red Hawks program over the last 5 years!  Their donation benefits our teams and will cover costs of USA rugby registrations as well as Jerseys.   

About Vincents

Vincent’s is located at 6300 Creedmoor Rd Ra...leigh.  Vincenzo Barresi, founded the company, on a very simple idea: to make the finest food possible - nothing less. There'd be no compromising of quality in the nature of efficiency; there'd be no short cuts; there'd be no ingredients that were 'almost as good' and if it cost more to produce food of this caliber, so be it. The world has changed since then. Restaurants have learned that people will accept less. So, they are content to offer less. But Vincent’s have not changed. Vincent’s also is available for catering and may be contacted at www.vincents.com

Committed to Community

They are active supporters in the community including supporting sporting teams, fundraisers and educational programs.  

About Raleigh Redhawks

The North Raleigh Youth Rugby Association (NRYRA) is a non-profit rugby association, servicing the North Raleigh and Raleigh Community! We offer instructional Rugby to boys and girls from preschool age through High School.
The coaches, managers, and board of directors consist of dedicated parent volunteers whose goal is to develop rugby players and ensure that the kids have FUN in the sport of Rugby.



01/02/2016 9:20am

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Can girls play rugby there too? Or only boys?

06/03/2016 10:10pm

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03/05/2017 2:50pm

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05/04/2017 12:38am

It is so much amazing that someone is willing to donate for your team. I hope you and your team will use it properly and accordingly. It is a blessing from above. Thank you for sharing this good news. I wish your team a best of luck to all of your adventures.

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