Join us 11/15 for fun dance/fitness classes beginning at 8:00 am and a 5K at  9:00 am to raise support to BEATcancer.

Workout for a great cause!  Coaches & Instructors from the Triangle's best programs are teaming up to  offer a morning of port/dance/conditioning cleverly disguised as FUN. The best part? They are volunteers all hoping to #BEATcancer and #raisesupport as we all  #workout for a great cause. We're partnering with the JimmyV foundation and other cancer charities.

Come help us #drumupsupport through dance, core work, running, jump rope...or just general goodwill. Sweat, support and spread the word! Start your Saturday with a great event...endorphins + outreach +  family fun.


We are excited to announce the details of our event supporting the V foundation. Our event will be held on November 15th from 8:00 - 10:00 am at Cary  Ballet Conservatory: 3791 NW Cary Parkway, Cary NC 27513. We hope our event will  represent a strong showing of enthusiastic families “giving back” to our  community. The event offers activities for all ages and everyone is encouraged to participate.

In addition to lots of fun and healthy activities in our
lobby, the following classes will be offered:

8:00 am
start with

Beth Costigan- Pilates Class
Alina Ramirez- Jazz movement class
Chelsea Wood - HIIT

Robin George- Children’s movement

At 9:00 am Kat Murphy will introduce her KatMoJAM class, a high octane calorie burn workout!  Limited to >13 years

In addition there will be a run 5k Run hosted by Larissa Muchnick (from V Foundation) as well as table displays from various vendors including our 3D Jazz Company bake sale!

All Participants will receive, upon request, an official letter recognizing their donation of 3 community
service hours. Participants are also encouraged, but not required to donate privately to the V Foundation through the following event website link:


Here’s a short summary about the event from their FaceBook page:


 Volunteers and participants may sign up at the following link:




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